Alberte Parnuuna – GREENLAND

Alberte Parnuuna Greenland

Alberte Parnuuna is a Greenlandic filmmaker based in Copenhagen. She works as a director, cinematographer, graphic designer, and has recently begun learning 2D animation. Alberte is currently studying a Master’s in Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen.  She wants to tell personified stories from Greenland told by Greenlanders themselves and is currently working on […]

Randi Lindholm Hansen – Denmark

Randi Lindholm Hansen Filmmaker

Randi Lindholm Hansen graduated with an MA in scriptwriting from Goldsmiths, University of London. Additionally, she holds a BA in English Studies & Creative Writing from Malmö University and has spent a semester in Istanbul studying filmmaking and screenwriting. Since graduating, she has sporadically worked as a freelance screenwriter and reader for SF Studios and […]

Veera Lamminpää – FINLAND

Veera Lamminpaa Filmmaker

Veera Lamminpää is a Finnish writer, director and amateur gardener. Her jokes don’t always land, but she tries nevertheless. Her résumé includes a few award-winning short films, working in a writers’ room, and producing commercial content for major clients. Veera is currently writing her first feature film about humans and animals.

Tanja Marita Vahlsnes – NORWAY

Tanja Marita Vahlsnes Norway

Tanja Marita Vahlsnes is a camera operator from Norway. She says: “While in the cinema one day, I started noticing the movement in the camera and imagined the person who could say ‘I did that’. I wanted to be that person and that is what drives me till this day.”

Sofia Due Rosenzweig – DENMARK


Sofia Due Rosenzweig is a Danish-American director, writer and producer. She grew up in Denmark, France and later moved to NYC, where she directed two short films and a few music videos. She returned to Copenhagen in 2017 and is currently studying directing at the National Film School of Denmark.

Sunniva Kveum – NORWAY

Sunniva Kveum Norway

Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum is a director from Norway. She says: “I have always believed in the power of storytelling. Therefore I believe that as a narrator you have a responsibility to broaden the view of your contemporaries. I orient my characters around societal issues. The theme is often turned towards the effect of group […]

Sigrún Mathiesen – ICELAND

Sigrun Mathiesen Iceland

Sigrún Mathiesen is a writer/director from Iceland. She studied film production at Santa Monica College and received a Bachelor’s degree in cinema and television production from Cal State Northridge. Currently, she works in the art department for one of Iceland’s biggest shows Ófærð (Trapped), but in her free time she develops her own content. Her […]