Elli Toivoniemi

Elli Toivoniemi – FINLAND

Elli Toivoniemi is an award-winning producer-director based in Helsinki, Finland. She is one of the founders and owners of Tuffi Films, a production company with a variety of highly esteemed films. Her work has been seen in many internationally acclaimed films like the Academy Award nominated short fiction Do I Have to Take Care of Everything (2012), the winner of Sundance Short Film Jury Award The Date (2013), Stupid Young Heart (2018) awarded with the Crystal Bear and the Gold Hugo winner The Good Son (2011). Toivoniemi is an EAVE & ACE producer graduate, recently assigned as Film Producer of the Year 2020 by Audiovisual Producers in Finland.

Toivoniemi is behind the phenomenal Force of Habit (2019) anthology series including a feature, 11 short films and an impact campaign, exploring gender discrimination and existing power structures in public and private life. The thought-provoking feature Force of Habit has amazed both audiences and jury’s around the world, receiving multiple awards and most recently it was honored with the Nordisk Film Culture Prize 2020.