Nordic Wave Film Festival. The Fish party


The most successful event during past years festivals is by far the Fish party. During this event locals and guest compete for the prize of the best fish course.

To participate send an email to with the kind of fish you need for your course and we will try to get it to you for free. We also repay you the cost of the groceries you had to buy for the dish, if you give us a receipt. All the courses need to be pre-cooked and most competitors bring a gas heater if their course needs to be hot.

The guest of the party get to try each course. This has been a wonderful way for guest and locals to interact while tasting fresh local fish.

Every contestant gets a bottle of high quality Icelandic gin Himbrimi as a gift.

The guests of the festival vote for the best fish course so every contestant has to bring enough for everyone to get a taste. 

The winners are awarded with a gift card of 30.000 krónur for a dinner at Fiskmarkaðurinn or Grillmarkaðurinn in Reykjavík and the main award is a locally designed trophy by Lavaland and a gift card for a night stay for two at Hótel Búðir with a three course dinner for two, breakfast and a surprise gift.