Meet the jury!

Einar, Otto, Nanna, the jury.

Many thanks to the wonderful Einar Snorri, Ottó and Nanna, who worked hard selecting the winners for this fourteenth edition of Northern Wave. Ottó Geir Borg is an independent script writer with over fifteen years of experience in the Icelandic film industry and is Iceland’s script guru. He’s written and developed numerous Icelandic and international […]

Honorary guest and jury member Einar Snorri (Snorri Bros)

This year, The Northern Wave Festival honors Einar Snorri of Snorri Bros. Einar Snorri is known for his unique visual style and has a keen eye for aesthetics, he has shot photographs, as a part of The Snorri Brothers duo, for magazines such as Spin, Rolling Stone, Dazed & Confused, Interview, working with artists such […]