Petra Koivula – Finland

Petra Koivula - Sweden.

I am a 28-year-old Finnish screenwriter currently finishing my master’s studies at Aalto University and writing my first feature film. My ”passion genre” is comedy, and I love to write about relationships and moral issues. My scripts are often warm-hearted and filled with fun details.

Sandra Lennert-Sandgreen – Greenland

Sandra, Greenland.

My name is Sandra Lennert-Sandgreen and I would like to describe myself as a filmmaker. I’ve always been passionate about bringing creative ideas and stories into life for the reason that it excites me and motivates me as I genuinely enjoy being in the field of creative process and storytelling in film. I’m currently a […]

Hanna Elisa Arge – Faroe Islands

Hanna Elisa Arge - Faroe Islands.

My name is Hanna Elisa and I have been active in the creative world for many years. As a filmmaker I am fairly new, I have written and produced my own scenes for my showreel. I am very excited to learn more from amazing mentors.

Hanne Marie Nord – Norway

Hanne Marie Nord, screenwriter.

Hanne Marie Nord is a screenwriter with a master’s degree in scriptwriting for series. Since graduating she has worked with production companies such as Nordisk Film Productions, TrueWest and Handmade Films in Norwegian Woods. She also works as a film critic for the newspaper Bergens Tidende.

Nanna Frank Rasmussen

Nanna Frank Rasmussen.

Nanna Frank Rasmussen, Chair of the Danish Film Critics Association,  film critic at Politiken Denmark and former chair of WIFT Denmark.

Ottó Geir Borg

Ottó is an independent script writer with over fifteen years of experience in the Icelandic film industry and is Iceland’s script guru. He’s written and developed numerous Icelandic and international feature films, tv series and documentaries.

Stuttmyndanámskeið fyrir krakka. Skráning er hafin

barnadagskrá, childrens program, stuttmyndanámskeið.

Alþjóðlega kvikmyndahátíðin Northern Wave fer fram helgina 11.-13.nóvember næstkomandi. Boðið verður upp á sérstaka barnadagskrá laugardaginn 12. nóvember. Kl. 10.00 -12.00 Barnabíó í Sundlaug Ólafsvíkur. Alþjóðlegar stuttmyndir við hæfi barna. Kl. 13.00 – 14.00 Kennsla í plakatagerð fyrir krakkar. Sérstakt föndurhorn verður alla helgina í Frystiklefanum þar sem krakkar geta búið til bíóplaköt. Kl. 14.30 […]

Lena Milović – Denmark

Lena Milović - Denmark.

Lena Milović is a film director from the film school Super16 in Copenhagen. It’s important to be system- and norm critical in Lena’s exploration of the meaningless everyday life. Lena finds it interesting to create reliable characters who are edgy and absurd and who can be critical to the system we live in. Website: […]



🇮🇸 Emmsjé Gauti kemur fram á laugardegi hátíðarinnar í Frystiklefanum, 12. nóvember. Þetta er besta leiðin til að hreyfa sig eftir allt kvikmyndaglápið svo við biðjum ykkur að koma og dansa smá með okkur. Miðasala er hafin! 🎵 🇬🇧 Rapper Emmsjé Gauti performs on the festival Saturday in Frystiklefinn Rifi, November 12th. This is […]

Only one month


Just one month until we’ll be back in the crisp coolness of Snæfellsnes. Hear the icy grass crackle underfoot as the winter sun lights up our short days, politely stepping away early in the evening, giving us all the time we want for our films in the Freezer. Schedule to be revealed very soon … […]


northernwave film festival, program

Friday/Föstudagur 25th of October/25. október All screenings and events take place in the Freezer, Rif, Hafnargata 16, Snæfellsbær  20.00 – 22.00 – Opening ceremony /Opnunarhóf Big Room/Stóri salur  Mix of genres/Bland í poka  Engin Vitni III – Ágúst Þór Hafsteinsson/4’/ Comedy /2019* To heaven, go gather –  Li Yue Chang /24´/Drama/ Taiwan/2018* Blessed – Signe […]