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Nordic girls shoot is a workshop and networking experience for young (under 30) Nordic female identifying filmmakers. The main goal of the workshop is to mentor and create a strong network of young Nordic female filmmakers.
The two day workshop will take place in Snæfellsnes, Iceland from 1oth to the 11th of November 2022. The Workshop is organized by Northern Wave IFF in partership with Wift Iceland, Wift Nordic, Wift Sweden, Paninoir Greenland, Ingun i Skrivarastovu Fareo Islands and Nordic Factory Denmark.  The Nordic Girls Shoot Workshop is supported the Nordic Culture Fund, Napa Greenland, The Icelandic Film Fund and The Culture Fund of West Iceland.

The Nordic Girls Shoot Workshop consists of a two days networking and training program with mentors from all the Nordic countries. Participants and mentors are then invited to  attend screenings, concerts and masterclass at the Northern Wave International Film Festival.

The program pays for flights, diets and accommodation for all selected participants during the workshop and the festival.

The workshop will include:

  • Pitch training
  • Workgroups discussing projects
  • Private sessions with Nordic mentors

Our partners from the Nordic countries will also mentor and educate during the workshop. The mentors are producer Elli Toivoniemi (Tuffi Film, Finland), actress Nivi Pedersen (Greenland), producer Helene Granqvist producer and president of Wift Sweden and Wift International, Ingebjörg Torgesen president of Wift Norway, director and artist, Ingunn í Skrivarastovu producer (Fish&Film, Fareo Islands), Producer Eva Juel Hammerich (Denmark), Dögg Mósesdóttir, director/writer, (Freyja Filmwork, Iceland).


Hanna Davidsen.

Hanna Davidsen – Faroe Islands

Hanna Davidsen is a faroese aspiring filmmaker based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hanna was born in …

anna marina,

Anna Marina Skouros – Denmark

Anna Marina Skouros is a producer strongly engaged in and inspired by the creative work …

Paninnguaq Pikilak - Greenland.

Paninnguaq Pikilak – Greenland

Paninnguaq Pikilak is a newly bloomed documentarist and writer from Narsaq, a little town in …

Anna Karen Knight - Iceland.

Anna Karen Knight – Iceland

I’m an actress, screenwriter and director. I’ve mostly worked as an actress in LA and …

Onerva Hannula, Finland.

Onerva Hannula – Finland

Onerva Hannula (s. 1993) is a Finnish screenwriter, director and dramaturge. She graduated from Theatre …

Katla Gunnlaugsdóttir - Iceland.

Katla Gunnlaugsdóttir – Iceland

I was raised on a wide variety of films and decided to make filmmaking my …

Jasmijn Kooijman - Sweden.

Jasmijn Kooijman – Sweden

Jasmijn Kooijman grew up in Amsterdam but moved to Sweden in 2015, where she started …

Una Solvik Golmen - Norway.

Una Solvik Golmen – Norway

Una is born in 1998, in a working class village outside of Oslo, Norway. She …

Yuvia Maini, Sweden.

Yuvia Maini – Sweden

Yuvia Maini is a visual artist and animator working with immersive storytelling. Her practice blends …

Petra Koivula - Sweden.

Petra Koivula – Finland

I am a 28-year-old Finnish screenwriter currently finishing my master’s studies at Aalto University and …

Sandra, Greenland.

Sandra Lennert-Sandgreen – Greenland

My name is Sandra Lennert-Sandgreen and I would like to describe myself as a filmmaker. …

Hanna Elisa Arge - Faroe Islands.

Hanna Elisa Arge – Faroe Islands

My name is Hanna Elisa and I have been active in the creative world for …

Hanne Marie Nord, screenwriter.

Hanne Marie Nord – Norway

Hanne Marie Nord is a screenwriter with a master’s degree in scriptwriting for series. Since …

Lena Milović - Denmark.

Lena Milović – Denmark

Lena Milović is a film director from the film school Super16 in Copenhagen. It’s important …