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Nordic Girls Shoot is a workshop and networking experience for young Nordic female filmmakers.  Since the workshop is part of the Norden 0-30 grant program at Nordic Culture Point, participants can not be older then 30 years of age at the time of the workshop. The workshop is also funded by Nordic Culture Fund as well as, the Culture Fund of West of Iceland (Uppbyggingasjóður Vesturlands) and the Ministry of Industry in Iceland.
The main goal of the workshop is to mentor and create a strong network of young Nordic female filmmakers. 
The third edition of the workshop will be held from the 11th to the 13th of December 2020 in a digital edition.
The workshop is organized by Northern Wave IFF in partnership with Wift Iceland, Wift Nordic, Wift Sweden, Paninoir Greenland, Ingun i Skrivarastovu Faroe Islands and Nordic Factory Denmark.  The Nordic Girls Shoot Workshop is supported by the Norden 0-30 program, West Iceland Regional Fund  and the Icelandic Film Fund.
The Nordic Girls Shoot Workshop consists of a two-day training program (11th to 13 December) with mentors and two days of participating and attending screenings and masterclass at the Northern Wave International Film Festival.
The Icelandic border is open to foreigners and the Icelandic government tests every one coming into the country for Covid 19, unless people prefer to go to quarantine or have a medical certification.

The program pays for flights, diets and accommodation for all selected participants during the workshop and the festival

The workshop will include:

  • Pitch training
  • Workgroups discussing projects
  • Private sessions with Nordic mentors

Our partners from the Nordic countries will also mentor and educate during the workshop. The mentors are producer Elli Toivoniemi (Tuffi Film, Finland), producer Nina Skydsbjerg Jacobsen (Film in Greenland, Paninoir), producer Helene Granqvist (president of Wift Sweden and Wift International), director and artist Ingebjørg Torgesen (president of Wift Norway), producer Ingunn í Skrivarastovu (Fish & Film, Faroe Islands), pitch coach and script writer Valeria Richter (Nordic Factory, Denmark), Dögg Mósesdóttir, director/writer, (Freyja Filmwork, Iceland).

The workshop is now closed for applications! The final deadline was on the 15th of July. 


Esther Fjallinum

Esther Á Fjallinum

Esther á Fjallinum is a 28-year old filmmaker and from the Faroe Islands. She attended the acting department at the Icelandic Film School and graduated …

Klara Kristoffersson

Klara Kristoffersson – SWEDEN

Klara Kristoffersson is a documentary director from Sweden. About her work, she says: “To portray feelings in various way is my passion. Exploring the uncountable …

Katrin Joensen-Naes

Katrin Joensen-Næs – FAROE ISLANDS

20-year old Katrin Joensen-Næs is a Faroese director, scriptwriter, and actor. She grew up in the Theater House on the Faroe Islands, where she has …

Filippa Holm Sweden

Filippa Holm – SWEDEN

Filippa is a screenwriter and director located in Stockholm. She has studied film production at Kulturama school and is currently in her last year at …

Alberte Parnuuna Greenland

Alberte Parnuuna – GREENLAND

Alberte Parnuuna is a Greenlandic filmmaker based in Copenhagen. She works as a director, cinematographer, graphic designer, and has recently begun learning 2D animation. Alberte …

Randi Lindholm Hansen Filmmaker

Randi Lindholm Hansen – Denmark

Randi Lindholm Hansen graduated with an MA in scriptwriting from Goldsmiths, University of London. Additionally, she holds a BA in English Studies & Creative Writing …

Veera Lamminpaa Filmmaker

Veera Lamminpää – FINLAND

Veera Lamminpää is a Finnish writer, director and amateur gardener. Her jokes don’t always land, but she tries nevertheless. Her résumé includes a few award-winning …

Tanja Marita Vahlsnes Norway

Tanja Marita Vahlsnes – NORWAY

Tanja Marita Vahlsnes is a camera operator from Norway. She says: “While in the cinema one day, I started noticing the movement in the camera …


Sofia Due Rosenzweig – DENMARK

Sofia Due Rosenzweig is a Danish-American director, writer and producer. She grew up in Denmark, France and later moved to NYC, where she directed two …

Sunniva Kveum Norway

Sunniva Kveum – NORWAY

Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum is a director from Norway. She says: “I have always believed in the power of storytelling. Therefore I believe that as …

Sigrun Mathiesen Iceland

Sigrún Mathiesen – ICELAND

Sigrún Mathiesen is a writer/director from Iceland. She studied film production at Santa Monica College and received a Bachelor’s degree in cinema and television production …

Filmmaker Berta Birdie Larsen Greenland

Berda Birdie Larsen – GREENLAND

Berda Birdie Larsen is a creative from Greenland. She says: Observing is a great tool into scriptwriting, and directing. You can read a lot by …

Filmmaker Anna Karin Finland

Anna Karín Lárusdóttir – ICELAND

Anna Karín is a twenty six years old filmmaker based in Reykjavík, Iceland. She graduated from the Icelandic Film School in 2019 from the directing …

Anna Äärelä – FINLAND

Anna Äärelä (1992) is a Finnish director and writer. Her storytelling focuses on very few people, showcasing their often disturbed state of mind through landscape. …



Dögg Mósesdóttir – ICELAND

Dögg Mósesdóttir has 15 years of a wide range of experience working in the film industry. Dögg studied directing in C.E.C.C. in Barcelona and has …

Elli Toivoniemi

Elli Toivoniemi – FINLAND

Elli Toivoniemi is an award-winning producer-director based in Helsinki, Finland. She is one of the founders and owners of Tuffi Films, a production company with …

Valeria Richter Mentor

Valeria Richter – DENMARK

Valeria works internationally and writes, develops, coaches and consults in the areas of feature film, TV series, workshop/lab ideation and innovation, pitch and script development …

Ingun i Skrivarastovu

Ingun í Skrivarastovu – FAROE ISLANDS


Nina Skydsberg

Nina Skydsbjerg Jacobsen – GREENLAND


Ingebjorg Northern Wave International Film Festival

Ingebjørg Torgersen – NORWAY

Director and Artist

Helene Northern Wave International Film Festival

Helene Granqvist – SWEDEN

Producer and Pitch coach