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Eva Juel Hammerich – DENMARK

Eva Juel Hammerich did her Master of Fine Arts in producing at AFI. For 7 years, Eva worked as PA to the legendary Richard Harris on various feature films. Eva has worked extensively with script development within the framework of North by Northwest and Frank Daniel. In 2005, Eva co-founded Nepenthe Film with business partner, Nina Lyng. Nepenthe Film is a dynamic, creative and independent Danish production company. We mainly focus on feature films and drama series. We have a particular focus on adaptations, content for younger audiences and female driven projects. We have extensive international co-production experience.

We develop and produce projects in close collaboration and as an integrated part of the creative team. We work with established names, but we also emphasize the development of emerging talent. We want to work in an innovative environment that will nourish and challenge our intellect.