Honorary guest and jury member Einar Snorri (Snorri Bros)

This year, The Northern Wave Festival honors Einar Snorri of Snorri Bros. Einar Snorri is known for his unique visual style and has a keen eye for aesthetics, he has shot photographs, as a part of The Snorri Brothers duo, for magazines such as Spin, Rolling Stone, Dazed & Confused, Interview, working with artists such […]

Hanna Davidsen – Faroe Islands

Hanna Davidsen. northernwavefestival.com

Hanna Davidsen is a faroese aspiring filmmaker based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hanna was born in 2000 and has been making films since 2015. And moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to study film and media studies in 2019. Hanna is mostly behind the camera, writing scripts, directing or editing both fiction and documentary films.

Anna Marina Skouros – Denmark

anna marina, northernwavefestival.com

Anna Marina Skouros is a producer strongly engaged in and inspired by the creative work in filmmaking. She has just left the film industry in Copenhagen to establish her own production company Onomamono based on Funen, from where she wants to produce films with artistic ambitions and with something at heart.