Hanna Davidsen – Faroe Islands

Hanna Davidsen. northernwavefestival.com

Hanna Davidsen is a faroese aspiring filmmaker based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hanna was born in 2000 and has been making films since 2015. And moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to study film and media studies in 2019. Hanna is mostly behind the camera, writing scripts, directing or editing both fiction and documentary films.

Anna Marina Skouros – Denmark

anna marina, northernwavefestival.com

Anna Marina Skouros is a producer strongly engaged in and inspired by the creative work in filmmaking. She has just left the film industry in Copenhagen to establish her own production company Onomamono based on Funen, from where she wants to produce films with artistic ambitions and with something at heart.

Paninnguaq Pikilak – Greenland

Paninnguaq Pikilak - Greenland. northernwavefestival.com

Paninnguaq Pikilak is a newly bloomed documentarist and writer from Narsaq, a little town in South Greenland. She focuses on culture preservation and to convey cultural values in her storytelling and work as a Traditional practitioner of Tunniit (Inuit tattooing), book writing and filmmaking. With her first documentary White Paper, she showed how a possible […]

Anna Karen Knight – Iceland

Anna Karen Knight - Iceland. northernwavefestival.com

I’m an actress, screenwriter and director. I’ve mostly worked as an actress in LA and in Iceland but have worked as a screenwriter and director in a few short films here. I have won awards for a film I wrote, starred in and edited.

Onerva Hannula – Finland

Onerva Hannula, Finland. northernwavefestival.com

Onerva Hannula (s. 1993) is a Finnish screenwriter, director and dramaturge. She graduated from Theatre Academy of Finland in 2021. Since then Hannula has worked with TV- and radio dramas as a screenwriter and dramaturge at Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. Her current artistic interests include questions of gender, power and childhood.

Katla Gunnlaugsdóttir – Iceland

Katla Gunnlaugsdóttir - Iceland. northernwavefestival.com

I was raised on a wide variety of films and decided to make filmmaking my career at 15 years old. I’ve worked in everything from light departments to script review and reporting in the film industry. I am a graduate from The Icelandic Film School and plan to do my own film projects in the […]

Jasmijn Kooijman – Sweden

Jasmijn Kooijman - Sweden. northernwavefestival.com

Jasmijn Kooijman grew up in Amsterdam but moved to Sweden in 2015, where she started studying film. She is interested in the relation between film and politics. Many of her projects revolve around either forced migration or migration by choice. The formats she uses differ from documentary, fiction and art film to stop-motion in her […]

Una Solvik Golmen – Norway

Una Solvik Golmen - Norway. northernwavefestival.com

Una is born in 1998, in a working class village outside of Oslo, Norway. She holds a bachelor degree in documentary film making and has presented several films at CPH:DOX, Nordic Docs and Amandus Blikkfang. Una is an emotional story teller which is shown in her films, by pictures and by people.

Yuvia Maini – Sweden

Yuvia Maini, Sweden. northernwavefestival.com

Yuvia Maini is a visual artist and animator working with immersive storytelling. Her practice blends non-conforming narratives and nouveau technologies to create stories the viewer can interact with. She has worked on commissions for Swedish Parliament, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Håkan Hellström etc and has been showcased in film festivals internationally. She is the founder of […]

Petra Koivula – Finland

Petra Koivula - Sweden. nordthernwavefestival.com

I am a 28-year-old Finnish screenwriter currently finishing my master’s studies at Aalto University and writing my first feature film. My ”passion genre” is comedy, and I love to write about relationships and moral issues. My scripts are often warm-hearted and filled with fun details.

Sandra Lennert-Sandgreen – Greenland

Sandra, Greenland. northernwavefestival.com

My name is Sandra Lennert-Sandgreen and I would like to describe myself as a filmmaker. I’ve always been passionate about bringing creative ideas and stories into life for the reason that it excites me and motivates me as I genuinely enjoy being in the field of creative process and storytelling in film. I’m currently a […]

Hanna Elisa Arge – Faroe Islands

Hanna Elisa Arge - Faroe Islands. Northernwavefestival.com

My name is Hanna Elisa and I have been active in the creative world for many years. As a filmmaker I am fairly new, I have written and produced my own scenes for my showreel. I am very excited to learn more from amazing mentors.

Hanne Marie Nord – Norway

Hanne Marie Nord, screenwriter. northernwavefestival.com

Hanne Marie Nord is a screenwriter with a master’s degree in scriptwriting for series. Since graduating she has worked with production companies such as Nordisk Film Productions, TrueWest and Handmade Films in Norwegian Woods. She also works as a film critic for the newspaper Bergens Tidende.

Lena Milović – Denmark

Lena Milović - Denmark. northernwavefestival.com

Lena Milović is a film director from the film school Super16 in Copenhagen. It’s important to be system- and norm critical in Lena’s exploration of the meaningless everyday life. Lena finds it interesting to create reliable characters who are edgy and absurd and who can be critical to the system we live in. Website: https://super16.dk/medlemmer/876-2 […]